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Call us at 423-208-9695 or e-mail to If you should be routed to voice mail, be assured that we will be alerted within a few minutes to your call.

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Call 423-208-9695

When you call us with a computer issue, we generally have two options:
  1. Schedule an appointment to visit your home or office. We generally schedule appointments for late afternoon if we can. We service the greater Chattanooga area, generally within 25 miles of downtown. Depending on your needs, we may wish to take your computer with us and leave you with a loaner computer. We complete the majority of repairs within 24-48 hours (although if parts must be ordered, that will occasionally cause a delay).
  2. Use remote access to view your screen and try to assist over the Internet. Obviously, this option is feasible only when your computer is functional and has Internet access. Although we may be able to assist you over the phone without seeing your screen, the chances of success are much less likely.
If we're not able to take your call, our voicemail system will alert us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, so please leave a message.