We'll be happy to make an appointment to visit your computer at your home or business. Our initial diagnosis should take no more than 15-20 minutes and costs you only a small fee to cover our travel and time. At that point we'll tell you what is needed and what the costs will be so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If we continue to work on the issue, we'll waive the diagnosis fee and carry on with our normal fee schedule for either on-site or off-site (we take your computer back to our shop) repairs. Remember, if we take your computer, we'll usually be able to give you one of our computers to use until we return with yours.

Disinfect and Protect

Detecting and removing malicious software (malware) is a serious and time-consuming task. Since no single tool can remove all malware, we employ a variety of utilities to give us reasonable confidence that your computer is clean. If you use your computer for sensitive tasks such as online purchases or banking, we may recommend a reformat or "clean install" of the system software because it is the only way we or any company can be certain that no malware has escaped detection. Since we must charge by the hour for disinfection, a reformat at our flat-fee rate is usually cheaper for you, as well. Of course, in either case we will do our best to help you develop a plan and practices to keep from getting re-infected in the future.

Increase Performance

If your computer is slow or sluggish, we can help you weigh the costs and benefits of an upgrade. Within a few minutes we can tell you whether your computer is performing as well as it should. By eliminating proccesses you don't need, we can often increase speed without adding any new hardware. For maximum performance, a reformat with optimization will help even on older, tired computers. In every case, we try to match your true needs against the costs so that you honestly receive the most for your money.

Replace or Upgrade Hardware

Power supplies, video cards, motherboards and other components can be replaced at our shop for a modest flat fee plus the cost of parts. We'll generally pick up the computer from you and (assuming the parts are available) return it the next day. Hard drives are more complex since you will typically need a complete reinstall of all software; for this we charge a flat fee plus the cost of the drive. If you supply us with the make/model of your computer in advance, we can often upgrade your RAM in a single visit for that same flat fee. We have no mark-up on any parts we purchase for you; we seek the best prices from reputable sources and charge you only what they cost us.

Set Up New Computer

Although most of our customers are quite capable of unpacking the boxes and setting up a new computer themselves (and in fact we encourage you to do so), we are always pleased to make a visit to be sure that everything is set up properly. Many times there are documents on an old computer to be transferred to the new one, and we would be happy to assist with this task. Moving to a new computer is an excellent time to implement an automated backup plan so that your documents are protected for the future.

Want a new computer but don't know what to buy? Just ask! Let us know what you will be using the computer for and give us a price range, and we'll point you in the right direction.

Secure Home Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless home network has gotten easier, but it is crucial that you secure the system to prevent unauthorized use. If you're not comfortable doing so, feel free to call us. Most installations will not require more than an hour of our time.

Web Design

We have been designing and creating websites for many years and would be pleased to give you a quote on one for you or your business. We can arrange for your own domain name (, depending, of course, on availability) and take care of all the details.

The Liferaft PC Guarantee

Remember, if we need to take your computer back to our shop for repairs, we'll do our best to provide you with a loaner computer in the meantime.