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Replace Hard Drive

Replace Hard Drive

Your computer's hard drive is its file cabinet, holding not just all of your documents and data but also the software used to read that information. With both mechanical and electronic components in play, hard drive failure is probably the most common hardware issue in computing--and for those withotu backups of their data, it can be catastrophic.

For our $100 flat fee we will diagnose the failure, check the warranty status of the drive, install a new drive and reinstall the operating system and any software you can provide (our policy is to install only licensed applications on our own or our customer's computers). Should a new drive be required, we can provide one (typical cost is from $50 to $100). Recovery of any data (documents, photographs, etc.) on the old drive will be done at our shop at our usual on-site rate if desired.

A typical hard drive replacement will cost around $215:

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