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A reformat means that everything on the computer is wiped clean and reinstalled, either manually or through a restore process provided by the manufacturer that returns the system to the exact condition it was in the first time it was turned on.

We sometimes recommend reformats because it is often the fastest and sometimes only way both to optimize your computer's performance and guarantee that it is free of viruses, worms, and other malware. You supply all software to be reinstalled; we ensure that all of your data and documents are preserved. When practical, we try to provide you with DVDs containing a full backup of your computer before we reformatted it.

Some computer repair shops shy away from reformats because they are time-consuming and difficult. We've perfected the process so your data cannot be lost, and try to use the opportunity to help you develop a workable plan for backup. After all, if your data isn't backed up, you stand to lose it at any moment, reformat or not.

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